Welcome to my site about effective parenting

Welcome to my new website about effective parenting! I am so excited to be living in a time when the technology available can allow anyone to share ideas with the world. Recently, I was given the opportunity to syndicate this site, and write a regular column for a prestigious New Hampshire news site. In addition to following me here, you can also read and comment on my posts at manchesterinklink.com

Applying research to the practice of teaching and parenting

When I was 4, 5 and 6 years old, my father’s mother came to live with us. I don’t remember much of anything about her, except for what she did when my parents went out, and I was left alone in her care. She would be perfectly pleasant while I was awake, but then, after I had fallen asleep, she would come quickly into the room and start hitting me with a belt. Sometimes, I would wake up from a sound sleep to the stinging feeling of that belt. Other times, some part of my subconscious would hear the turn of the bedroom doorknob, and wake me up to prepare me for what I knew was coming. Most of the time, I would go into my room to sleep, but I just lay there awake, terrified. Continue reading “Welcome to my site about effective parenting”