My first appearance on WMNH Radio

It’s been a couple of months since I began writing on this site about effective parenting. Just last week, I had my first appearance on WMNH Radio. I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to be interviewed on the Matt Connarton radio show. This opportunity came to me as a result of my connections to Carol Robidoux, who recently gave me my own column at Manchester Ink Link.

effective parenting
Here’s a gif of a puppy licking a baby – just cuz!

The show begins with Matt Connarton’s outrage at the government’s use of “asset forfeiture” with suspected drug criminals. My interview can be accessed here. After a few mishaps with the phone lines, my part begins at about 33:30 and ends at 1:08:40. In the interview, I discuss effective parenting, children’s use of technology, the importance of nonviolent discipline, the overarching need for warmth and empathy in the home, and the balance a parent needs to have between rules and freedom.

I was energized by this interview to continue encouraging parents to reflect on the parenting they received when they were children. If you think back on your own childhood, you can surely identify practices that your own parents used that you feel were effective, as well as habits they used that were not. It is up to us to use our critical thinking skills to choose parenting that gives our children the best chances for success. At some point, we must all have the courage to think about our past, and model a better way for the little ones in our care.

As a result of my stellar performance (jk), I will be appearing on this show every other Wednesday at 4:30pm to discuss other aspects of effective parenting. My next appearance is on Wednesday, August 2. I look forward to your comments and questions. Thank you for your support.

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