Write for this site!

I am only one voice. In the interest of making this site a platform for conversation, I am open to any suggestions for articles. If you want to write for this site, you can write a story or reflection about your own parenting, or you can write a story or reflection about the parenting you received. The same applies for teaching articles. Write for this site about your own teaching practice, or a memory of a favorite teacher.


  1. Any authors who write for this site must write articles that are positive. I am interested only in articles that discuss strategies, tips, attitudes, etc. which move all of us in the direction of intentional parenting or teaching. I am not interested in complaints about other parents, unless the purpose is to set up the reader to see the opposite. The reader should be left with a call to action – not only what they shouldn’t do, but more importantly what they should do.
  2. If you write for this site, I reserve the right to edit your piece for grammar, spelling, format, or visual appeal. I will not change the tone or meaning of the article. If I am going to publish your submission, I will keep your message intact. If I do not wish to help you deliver your message, I will instead politely decline to publish your submission.
  3. Your submission should include photos, images, youtube videos, and any other supplements to keep the reader engaged. I will require you to submit proof that you are legally allowed to use those supplements when you submit.
  4. You should include a bio that tells us about yourself, where readers can contact you, and any promotional mention you wish to make.

Send me your ideas or rough draft to info@drjohnrich.com. I look forward to your contributions!

Dr. John